The Client, Realtor, and Attorney Relationship - Part Two

What is the role of the real estate attorney in a residential transaction?

The attorney in a residential real estate transaction must work closely with the realtor in order to best serve the client. While realtors can advise based on the market and experience, the attorney is tasked with assisting sellers and buyers in reading, analysis, and comprehension of real estate agreements to make sure their legal and other property interests are adequately protected under the terms of such contracts. The work of the attorney also consists of resolving any liens or titles issues running with the property and working in the months or weeks prior to closing to make sure that all closing documents are completed and appear in proper form. Additionally, one of the more important roles on a Connecticut real estate attorney is in the representation of a buyer in applying for and securing financing. Under the new federal regulations, the role of the real estate attorney has never been more important when representing a borrower in a residential mortgage transaction.

It is common for a potential buyer or seller to not fully understand the roles of their real estate professions when trying to buy or sell a home, but as mentioned above, there is no better result than when the dynamic works as a team!

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