The Client, Realtor, and Attorney Relationship - Part One

What is the role of the realtor in a residential transaction?

The dynamic between client, realtor and real estate attorney can be one which creates confusion as to exactly who is responsible for what. The truth is, although there are specific actions required to be handled by an attorney in the state of Connecticut, a residential transaction is a team sport.

That said, here are some the differentiations as for the role the realtor plays versus the responsibilities of the real estate attorney.

The realtor is the gate keeper. The realtor is the professional at the front line of any residential real estate deal. Realtors explain that a homeowner/purchaser with the best odds of selling/finding their homes quickly and for the best potential price, usually work closely with their real estate agents. Agents help the client understand the market, conduct property showings, negotiate inspection items, review and prepare disclosure documentation, and assist with starting the mortgage application process for buyers.

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