Why Family Caregivers May Not Be the Best Option for Patients with Dementia

Caregiving for the Dementia patient is often taken on by a family member to avoid additional costs to the patient. This results in a financial cost to the family member who quits his or her job to take on this new caregiving role, or who has to rearrange their working schedule in coordination with the other caregivers’ schedules.

This often results in a health cost to the family member (or family members) as well since family caregivers are frequently overworked and have less time to care for their own health. This leads to increased medical bills, loss of days at work, more visits to the doctor and other expenses associated with deteriorating health of the family caregiver.

If someone you know suffers from Dementia, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We can help you evaluate your options for planning and the costs associated with the necessary and desired level of caregiving. We can be reached at (203) 651-5521.

Categories: Elder Law, Medicaid