Simple Charitable Planning Tips - Part Two

1) Make a list of organizations, and do your due diligence – it is important to be sure that the charitable institutions you plan to assist are actually furthering your objectives. Unfortunately, some charities devote only a small portion of the funds they raise to the cause they purport to support. To be clear, we do not meant to discourage you from donating, but we strongly urge you to do your homework before making any charity the beneficiary of your generosity.

2) Decide whether your gift will be for a specific or general charitable purpose – it may be important to you that your gift is used for a particular reason and it is important not only to identify that ahead of time, but to research whether or not your wish can be honored.

3) Confirm your selected charity’s contact information – many charities have national and local operations. Others may have several regional or local locations. Charitable funding may be separate for different locations, branches, operations, etc. You should be prepared to identify where you really want your gift to be utilized.

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