Common Probate Issues - Funeral expenses

The general rule in Connecticut for married couples is that the funeral expenses are an expense of the estate, but if the estate doesn't have the money to pay...the surviving spouse pays.

In the case of an unmarried individual, valid funeral expenses are general an expense of the estate.

A common question is how does a person get reimbursed for funeral expenses that were paid prior to the probate of the CT estate?

The answer is that the person who pays the funeral expenses may request reimbursement from the Connecticut estate. Funeral expenses are a priority expense in Connecticut, which means that they are among the first in order of payment assuming the estate has sufficient assets to pay the funeral expenses in the first place. That being stated, payment of the funeral expenses may be limited if State aid was received by the decedent. It is therefore important for the Executor to consult a qualified CT probate attorney when determining the amount of a reimbursement and the order of priority.

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