Estate Planning for New Families

Did you recently have a child, or do you know someone who recently had a child?

If so, then it is time for you/them to review their estate plans. One of the most common responses I get from folks when I tell them this is "But John, we don't have much we don't really need an estate we?"

The answer is that you very well may need an estate plan if you have children regardless of your assets, because if something were to happen to you (and your spouse if you are married) then the probate court will determine who is going to take care of your child (or children) without any guidance from you.

Also, without a Will, whatever you do have will pass via the laws of intestacy NOT in trust for your children. So, even if the law states that your children are to receive whatever you leave behind, the Court will most likely oversee this process. This means that someone you don't know could be making the decision as to what is appropriate spending for your kid(s).

So, for new families, even the most basic estate plan will include guardianship provisions for children. That way at least you have a say as to who is going to take care of your child. You may also want to include a simple trust for your kids that allows for a trustee (who may or may not be the same person as the guardian, but that is your decision) to distribute assets for them until they reach an age where they can receive the assets without further court involvement.

If you would like to discuss a basic estate plan with a Connecticut wills attorney, or a Connecticut trusts attorney, feel free to visit our website for our contact info here. Give us a call, and we can set up a consultation.