Connecticut Probate - should I avoid it?

Ah, the question that everyone wants the answer to, but there are so many conflicting opinions. Almost every professional I speak with has an opinion on probate. Here is mine - you may want to avoid probate in Westport, probate in Stamford, probate in Trumbull, probate in Farfield County, or for that matter...probate in CT in general...if you care to avoid it.

I could spend hours telling you true stories about the horrors of probate, and I could spend plenty of time telling you stories of people who weren't overly excited about probate, but weren't that put out either.

The bottom line is that probate can be time consuming and expensive, but we don't know for sure wht will happen. Thus, it comes down to what you care about.

If you don't want to take the chance that probate is a pain for your family, then you should look into some of the methods commonly used to avoid probate (e.g. Revocable Living Trusts). Then you can determine if the upfront additional cost is worth avoiding the cost down the road.

If you determine that you want to avoid probate, then feel free to contact us and we will set up a consultation to discuss your options with you. Click here for more information and our contact info.