Connecticut Probate: Why does it take so long? Part 4 - Probate Court Oversight

This week's installment is a continuation of our look at Connecticut Probate. Another reason for the long duration of CT probate is the fact that many decisions that would normally be made privately are subject to the oversight of the Probate Court.

For example, requests may need to be made to:

  • sell real estate
  • remove tax liens
  • provide spousal support
  • provide allowance to dependants
  • approve business and/or investment decisions; etc.

This is by no means an all-inclusive list, and these requests may or may not apply to a particular CT probate administration. But, the point here is that if the more requests that need to be made, then Connecticut probate will most likely take longer.

If you have questions about what decisions may need to be made in a Connecticut probate, or if you are not sure what requests can be made, feel free to contact me to set up a consultation. I am a CT probate attorney, and you can visit my website to get my contact information or additional general information by clicking here.

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