One of my parents passed away...who needs to be notified for Connecticut Probate?

First let me state that before reading further, you should read this article first (click here for the article). Okay, assuming you have read "One of my parents passed away, what do I do now?" via the link above, you are ready to move forward.

The next question that you need to answer is "who are the heirs and beneficiaries of my parent's estate?" Generally, these are the folks who are entitled to notice of hearing on application for probate in Connecticut. Heirs are people who would inherit property if your parent died "intestate" or without a Will. There are laws in Connecticut that govern how this works. Beneficiaries are people who receive some sort of benefits from the Will, including (but are not necessarily limited to) those persons receiving bequests under the Will, guardians named under the Will, and trustees named in the Will. There are specific requirements for notice that must be achieved to ensure that notice is considered proper.

If you have questions about what constitutes proper notice, or how the notice procedures work with the Connecituct probate court, and you need help with your parents' probate, you can get my contact information by clicking here. I am a Connecticut probate attorneyand I would be happy to discuss the process with you, and review your case to see if I can help.

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