What do people really do with money they get from someone else? Reason 1002 to protect your family:

I came across this article about a couple of lucky lottery winners. I wanted to share it with you, because I thought we could play a little game. Try to guess how the money was spent by at least one of the lottery winners (hint - the end of the article will drive you to the correct answer).

Here is the link: What are the odds of this happening?

Now, all kidding aside. It is possible that she really needed the new ____. The point is that it is an almost too common purchase for those people who come into money.

Do you want your hard earned savings spent this way when you pass it on to your loved ones? My guess is no. What you may or may not realize is that if you are giving your money to your loved ones via your will and only your will, you either do not have this protection, or you have it at a much more substantial cost down the road than necessary. If you want to get some general information about how you can avoid these problems, then you might want to review some of the information on estate planning and estate planning tools in our website.
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