One Great Way to Optimize Your Estate Plan: Use an Outsider's Perspective

This article on Yahoo Finance/New York Times touches on the subject of financial planning and how regardless of our achievements, we can learn tips from other successful people that will help ensure continued success. Now, not everyone needs to go under direct scrutiny like the author of the article, but a consultation with a professional will almost certainly benefit you in much the same way.

Proper estate planning is very similar to financial planning in this manner. Think of your estate planning as a very important document. It is very common to have someone "proofread" your paper in order to make sure your intentions are understood leaving no room for misinterpretation.

That's exactly what an Estate Planning Attorney does for you: makes sure your intentions are understood leaving no room for misinterpretation.

How do they do this?

Estate Planning Attorneys take time to meet with you to really understand your financial situation and intentions. Then, they combine that knowledge with their wealth of experience in order to avoid any confusion or obstacles. They are able to do these things because they see many cases each week, and have gone through the process countless times.

In the article above the author was not sure how to develop a solid financial plan because he had not done it before, and had no help with the process. In my experience I've noticed this to be the case with many people who approach estate planning when it comes to their will, their revocable living trust, or other documents. The result is that they lose out on an opportunity to save their family, business, or loved ones a substantial amount of heartache, headache, and money. That is why I believe it cannot be stated enough that you need to consult with a professional in order to ensure you have optimized your estate plan to the fullest.

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