Helpful Information for Baby Boomers Who Take Care of Their Parents

As can be seen from the surprising survey in this USA Today article, many Baby Boomers do not know even the most basic information about their parents' medical histories. Initially this may just seem like an innocent lack of communication between family members, but this can quickly become an issue as most of the time those same Baby Boomers will end up as caregivers for their parents. This is where an Advance Health Care Directive (also referred to as a Health Care Power of Attorney, Health Care Instructions, etc) would come into effect.

If your parent becomes incapacitated, an Advance Health Care Directive will (among many other things):

  • Give specific instructions on how to take care of your parent
  • Indicate who should become their Healthcare Representative (person who makes medical decisions for them should they become unable to respond, i.e. a caregiver)
  • Make sure a court will not be the ones to determine what your parent needs (do you or your parents want their money spent on what the court deems necessary/unnecessary?)
  • Determine how and by who funds can be distributed to take care of your parent (so as to not be taken advantage of in their disabled state)
  • Allow the Healthcare Representative to make medical decisions for your parent (authority can be unlimited, or conditional, depending on your parent's desires)

These may seem like trivial obstacles, but in court these simple issues can become extremely problematic for both your parent's physical and economic well-being.

If you are curious or would like to learn more about an Advance Health Care Directive or Health Care Power of Attorney and its numerous benefits, do not hesitate to browse the rest of our website.