Why Hire an Attorney?

Asset Protection, Elder Law, Business Law & Estate Planning Matters in Connecticut

Legal matters, such as planning for the future and protecting your assets, can be complex. Without intervention from a seasoned attorney, you may fail to understand the rights and options you have regarding a matter of your estate. There are dozens of documents and other factors of planning for your family's future that must be taken into account entirely before anything is finalized, and only a seasoned Fairfield County estate planning lawyer can help you make all the correct decisions. The following are some commonly asked questions regarding my ability to help clients in all legal matters.

How can your firm help me with asset protection?

By hiring an asset protection attorney from my office, you will have a great advantage when devising a plan for protecting your assets. My firm understands that you have worked hard over the years to develop assets such as these, and you would want to do everything in your power to ensure that they are properly protected. For example, if you wish to pass your assets down to an heir, you will need to plan for asset protection to prevent them from being heavily taxed. My office can provide you with the tools and resources you need to successfully protect your assets.

What can be done to help my business transactions?

The area of business law is quite tricky to understand. Without legal representation, many business owners and those who are looking to form a business are often taken advantage of and fail to understand some of the most fundamental aspects of forming a business. At my firm, we not only help you with business formation, but also succession planning and advanced strategies for business succession planning. My firm will help you form your business around any of the following structures:

  • LLC
  • LP
  • LLP
  • S Corporation
  • C Corporation

My family has established a high net worth over the years. Can your firm help me protect these assets?

Planning for affluent and established families in Connecticut is an absolutely necessary thing; it must be done. With a high value and large estates, you are at risk to face extremely high estate taxes on top of your income tax. My firm is prepared to help you devise an effective plan for your high net worth taxes.

Do I need an estate plan? How can an attorney help me with this?
An estate plan is essentially a safety plan for a person or family's assets and properties. It can include a will or trust, and may also leave room for charitable giving and a personal protection strategy. To learn more about estate planning and protecting your future, call my office today!

How can you ensure that our elderly loved ones will be taken care of?

Our firm will assist you in walking through several legal processes that are needed in order to secure your loved ones future. We will assist in helping establish a legal plan and make sure that they receive the proper care they need. Elder law matters can be difficult and our firm will be able to guide you and answer any questions you may have during the process.

Contact a Fairfield County Estate Planning Lawyer

At my office, we strongly understand the need for an estate plan or any other type of protection plan for your assets. You have worked so hard over the course of your life, and you deserve to have your matters placed in good hands. If you wish to find out more about estate planning or business formation, please call my firm today for a consultation of your case. In your consultation, your attorney can help answer all of your most frequently asked questions regarding any legal matter and you can learn how my firm can help you!

We strongly believe in taking a personalized approach to every case, which is why our firm can meticulously comb through your information to determine the best plan for you!

Contact an estate planning attorney from our office today to obtain the legal representation that you and your family deserve.