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Do You Need To Administer An Estate?

If you have been named to administer an estate, you may find this daunting. It does not need to be if you have proper guidance. There are two ways to be appointed administrator of an estate. First, the decedent named you in the will to be his executor. Second, if the decedent did not leave a will, and you are the spouse, next of kin or other family member you might apply for appointment to the probate court and the estate will be handled according to the state laws of distribution. In either case once you are approved by the court, it is up to you to handle the decedent's estate under the general supervision of the court. The court has extensive regulations, rules and deadlines to comply to, so it is best to contact a Fairfield County estate planning lawyer to guide you.

Administering an Estate in Fairfield & New Haven Counties

Once you take over an estate, you have a number of tasks to accomplish. You need to collect up all of the decedent's assets. That can include collecting debts owed to him, taking charge of his real estate, potentially taking possession of his/her car and collecting dividends on stock. You also have to pay his/her bills and pay his taxes. You may have to file notices with the town, city and/or court. You may have to sell certain assets to pay the debts or facilitate dividing the assets between relatives. Your attorney will assist you by preparing the legal papers and representing you at hearings.

It may be that some will question how you are managing the estate. For example, it is not uncommon for a relative to object to your plan to sell the house to pay debts. This will be resolved in court. Your attorney will guide you and defend your actions in the hearings.

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