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In a trust the person setting up the trust puts together a set of guidelines that set forth who they want their property to go to, when they want it to happen, and how they want it to happen. The person setting up the trust puts the property in the trust into the hands of a trustee to use for the benefit of beneficiaries (which may include the person setting up the trust). There are a number of estate planning benefits including providing for one's incapacity, saving on the costs of probate, providing for children, protecting assets from creditors and predators, and achieving tax advantages. To discuss how trusts can help you, contact a Fairfield County estate planning lawyer.

Trust Benefits

Trusts can serve several purposes:

  • Providing for Incapacity : You can set up a revocable trust in which you put assets into a trust with yourself as trustee and a trusted relative as successor trustee. Since the trust is revocable and you are the trustee you still have access to the funds. Should you become incapacitated, the successor trustee can take over to provide for you and your dependents.
  • Saving on Probate costs: If you should die, the trustee or successor trustee can continue to manage the trust as before. The assets in the trust are not subject to probate.
  • Trusts and Pour-Over Wills to Provide for Children: You can provide for children by setting up a trust with money to be doled out by the trustee after you die. You do this with a revocable trust funded during your lifetime. You can also fund the trust at your death with a "pour over will" that designates assets be poured over into the trust.
  • Trusts and Pour-Over Wills for Tax Sheltering : Both spouses have an exemption from estate taxes. By working together they can get the benefit of both exemptions for their children by each having a trust for the children and a "pour over" will.

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At Massih Law, LLC, I provide guidance on the creation of trusts to clients throughout Fairfield County and New Haven County including, but not limited to Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, Westport, Fairfield, Trumbull, New Haven and Milford. I prepare trusts for clients along with pour-over wills to help them provide for incapacity, care for and protect their children, and shelter their estate from taxes. I invite you to meet with me to discuss your estate plan so we can determine how best to maximize the benefit of trust planning for you and your loved ones.

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