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Creating a last will and testament that clearly states your wishes for your estate is a very important step in any individual's estate planning. Wills are not just for the very wealthy or those with extensive property. Your family and loved ones can be saved a great deal of heartache and lengthy probate actions through the establishment of a durable legal will.

Reasons to draft a last will and testament:

  • You decide how your estate is to be handled
  • You decide who cares for your underage children
  • Avoid probate
  • Minimize estate taxes
  • Find peace of mind about the future

By working with a Fairfield County estate planning attorney, you can help ensure that your last will and testament does exactly what you want it to in regard to the inheritance of your assets, property and even with assistance in business succession planning.

Avoid Probate & Minimize Estate Taxes

Besides preparing for the future and providing for your loved ones' futures, a well-written will serves two other important purposes. The first is to avoid probate. When a person passes away and his or her wishes were not made clear, the deceased's estate is taken before probate court in order to determine how it is to be distributed. When there is a will and an executor has been named, the messy probate process can be avoided.

Drafting a comprehensive will can also mimize estate taxes. The more of your property that you give away to your family and loved ones, the lower the final value of your estate will be. This will reduce the final amount of taxes on your estate.

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While a last will and testament will help in ensuring your estate is passed to your loved ones how you wish, there are some legal factors that must be taken into account. By working with a last will and testament attorney it may be possible to work these factors into your wishes for how your estate is to be inherited with minimal impact.

I understand how important it is to have a will that will take care of your family and those you love with as little involvement by state probate law officials as possible. That is why I am dedicated to helping families, individuals and others draft a comprehensive last will and testament that is specific and tailored to the client's exact desires regarding his or her estate when that person passes away. I make sure my clients have a complete understanding of their options regarding trusts, trust administration, personal protection strategies, asset protection, codicils, change of beneficiary, and more.

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