Estate Planning FAQ

Answers from an Estate Planning Lawyer serving Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, Westport, Fairfield, Trumbull, New Haven, Milford and Surrounding Areas

Below are questions I am frequently asked about estate planning. They are for general information and are not legal advice. If you have other questions, please contact a Connecticut estate planning attorney for assistance.

How can I avoid probate costs?

You can set up a revocable trust and put all your assets into it. You name yourself as the trustee and a trusted family member as your secondary trustee. You can spend the money while you are alive because you are the trustee. When you die, your secondary trustee takes over and uses the trust fund to care for your family as you directed. None of the estate goes into probate because it was technically not your property; it was the trust's property.

When I am dying, I just want to be made comfortable. I do not want heroic measures taken to keep me alive. How do I accomplish that?

You can have prepared a Living Will or Advanced Health Care Directive where you spell out your desires for the doctors.

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