Change of Beneficiary

Fairfield County Estate Planning Attorney

When it comes to making sure that your wishes are complied with in regard to the distribution of your estate, it is vital to consult with a lawyer skilled in estate planning and probate matters. I am dedicated to helping business owners, families and individuals understand the importance of estate planning and business succession planning. When it comes to ensuring my client's best interests and desires are legally protected for how their assets, property and wealth are to be inherited, nothing is more important.

Probate court can be highly stressful and confusing for family and loved ones already distraught from the loss of someone they cared about. By having a detailed legal document in the form of a last will and testament, trust, living trust, etc. you can help protect those you care about from painful drawn out court proceedings and probate administration. If you want a change of beneficiary enacted for a will or trust or other asset distribution medium, you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

Why get the help of a lawyer for a change of beneficiary?

To revise an existing document detailing distribution of your estate to heirs and beneficiaries, it may be necessary to create a codicil. Just as you have initially taken great care in ensuring your loved ones are cared for when you pass away, it is equally important to be thorough and exact when doing a change of beneficiary. There are many reasons that an individual may wish to perform this legal action but no matter the cause, it is vital that you have the help of a skilled attorney so any changes are not questionable or up for interpretation or debate when it comes time for the distribution of your estate. I have represented clients in codicils, change of beneficiary and many other estate planning needs. If you are considering making changes to who is a beneficiary of your estate, I may be able to help.

Contact a Fairfield County estate planning attorney as soon as possible if you have questions about changes in a will, trust or other estate planning matter!