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Addressing the Needs of Seniors and Their Families

It is highly important that families put in place certain plans to ensure that aging loved ones are provided for when they can no longer care for themselves. At Massih Law, LLC, our knowledgeable Fairfield County elder lawyers can help you and your family ensure your elderly loved ones will receive the proper care they need, allowing you to rest easy knowing that a thorough legal plan will be laid out for their future.

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Planning for Many of Life’s “What If” Scenarios

Aging can introduce a myriad of issues into a person’s life, especially if they have not established an estate plan ahead of time. To prepare for your family’s medical and financial future, careful and strategic planning is needed to ensure that your wishes are honored. We can help you arrange you and your family’s final affairs, as well as establish your wishes in the event that you should become incapacitated and unable to communicate.

Our firm can walk you through the various legal processes needed to secure your future, including:

  • Drafting wills
  • MediCaid planning (see below)
  • Assisted living arrangements
  • Avoiding probate
  • Establishing powers of attorney
  • Creating advanced medical directives
  • Trust administration
  • Establishing conservatorship

Elder law matters can be extremely complex to handle on your own due to the incredible number of applicable laws. Whether your situation deals with end of life planning or the distribution of your estate, our firm can walk you through any and all concerns that may arise.

Medicaid Planning

Medicaid (otherwise known as Title XIX) is a Federal program run by the State that pays some or all of a person's nursing home bills if they qualify for the financial assistance. Medicaid is what we refer to as "needs-based assistance." This means that you must meet certain income and asset requirements that show that you need the assistance.

Note: The income and asset requirements mentioned above pertain to one of the most common Medicaid programs for individuals who are aged 65 years or older.

Rules when Applying for Medicaid

In addition to income and asset requirements, there are several rules that must be followed to ensure eligibility for Medicaid. These rules are complicated and full of traps for the unwary.

For example, transferring assets during the 5-year "look back" period triggers a penalty period in which an individual who would otherwise qualify for Medicaid will be ineligible for Medicaid. The penalty period that results from ineligible transfers begins as of the later of:

  1. The first day of the month during which the ineligible transfer occurred; or
  2. The first day that the applicant would have been eligible if it weren't for the penalty period.

This means that the penalty period doesn't begin until you have already spent almost all of your money to qualify! The result is that your hard-earned savings that you gifted to your loved ones may have to be used to pay your nursing home bills.

Planning for the Future Starts Today

At Massih Law, LLC, our firm’s skilled Fairfield County elder law lawyers respect your wishes and can address any concerns you may have about your plan. Your goals and desires are important to us, and we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that you future is secured. No matter how complex your situation is, no detail will be overlooked in the creation of your comprehensive end-of-life plan. With our unparalleled advocacy and dedication on your side, we can help you proceed towards your future with peace of mind.

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