Business Formation Lawyer in Fairfield County

Serving Connecticut Businesses

If you are looking to form a business or corporation, there are several things you should keep in mind before embarking on this adventure. First, it must be noted that forming a company is legally complex. There are rules and standards of which you must adhere to. These rules are here for your benefit – to ensure that your business is properly formed and has the ability to strive in the future. Second, it is vastly important to have a seasoned Fairfield County estate planning attorney on your side to ensure that every process is followed to a tee.

Without legal representation, you may fail to learn your rights in any business matter including important aspects of taxation and the formation of your business. As a seasoned law firm, the legal team at my office truly understands all of the multifaceted aspects of business formation, taxation and laws to help benefit your case. My team will work tirelessly to ensure that you can identify your business objectives and any goals you may have for the future. Additionally, I will work with you to analyze and determine which structure best fits your business.

Forming Your Business

It is important to understand that no two businesses will be the same – each will have their own unique business decisions that must be reached in a timely matter and with professional assistance. As such, I truly believe that we should work together to extensively understand your goals and needs and do anything it takes to meet those. When making the decision to form a business, I can help you determine which business structure will best fit your situation, and then move forward from here. You will be able to form your business with my help around any of the following structures:
  • LLC
  • S Corporation
  • C Corporation
  • LP
  • LLP

Furthermore, as I believe that asset protection and tax-related matters can be some of the most important aspects of forming your business, I will help you put all of your legal matters in line to ensure the succession of your business.

Contact a business formation attorney today to learn more about forming an LLC, S Corporation, C Corporation, LP or LLP today!