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At Massih Law, LLC, I help clients in Milford, Connecticut who need wills, trusts, and estate planning services or representation in probate or other estate litigation. My name is John N. Massih. These are matters which need to be taken care of or they can be very upsetting. If you do not protect your assets, a creditor or predator may take your house or other property. If you do not write a will, your estate may get distributed the way the state wants, not you. If you fail to contest a probate matter, you may lose your inheritance. I am here to help you in these matters. If you need assistance, contact a Milford estate planning attorney.

Estate Planning Lawyer in Milford

When you need legal advice on Estate Taxes, Wills, Trusts, Living Trusts, Irrevocable v. Revocable Trusts, Trust Administration, a Special Needs Trust or other document for your estate planning, I can assist you. Many of my clients need legal representation for Probate matters, such as Probate Administration, or Probate Litigation. These are urgent matters that require an experienced attorney with a deep understanding of estate and probate matters. I am proud of my service to individuals, families and business owners in the Milford area.

If you need advice regarding Asset Protection, or critical matters regarding Business Succession Planning, I can help you to devise a plan to protect your assets from creditors, predators, lawsuits and other threats or help you develop Strategies for Successful Business Succession Planning. Many of my clients needs help with seeking out options for a High Net Worth Tax Shelter, and Charitable Giving & Philanthropic Planning should be arranged for those who wish to pass on some of their estate to the charity that they support.

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