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At Massih Law, LLC, I help clients in Fairfield County, Connecticut who need assistance with understanding estate law and planning matters. My name is John N. Massih, and I am an estate planning attorney. This may seem like a dry area of law but if parties neglect to deal with it, it can pose very upsetting problems. A person who fails to protect his assets, for instance, may end up having their assets surrendered to a creditor before they are ever made use of by a spouse or other loved one. A person who fails to plan for long term care may have nothing left to give to his children. A business owner who does not have a business succession plan may find that estate taxes will take a big chunk of their wealth when they die, or that contrary to their wishes, the business ends up needing to be dissolved. An heir who does not contest an invalid will may lose his inheritance. These are the matters I deal with. If you need assistance in estate matters, contact a Fairfield County estate planning attorney.

Estate Planning Attorney in Fairfield County

When you need legal advice on Estate Taxes, Wills, Trusts, Living Trusts, Irrevocable v. Revocable Trusts, Trust Administration, or need help on Trust Litigation, a Special Needs Trust or other document for your estate planning, I can assist you. Many of my clients need legal representation for Probate matters, such as Probate Administration, or Probate Litigation.

If you need advice regarding Asset Protection and/or critical matters regarding Business Succession Planning, I can help you to identify and implement solutions for protection and devise Strategies for Successful Business Succession Planning. Many of my clients needs help with seeking out options for a High Net Worth Tax Shelter, and Charitable Giving & Philanthropic Planning can be arranged for those who wish to pass on some of their estate to the charity that they support.

Contact a Fairfield County Estate Planning Lawyer at the firm for help with your estate planning or representation in an estate matter.

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